Recreate Organisation

If you wish to recreate a backup for a previously deleted organisation , you can recommission the organisation following the below steps.

Recreating an Organisation will create a new backup of the organisation, any previously created backup points will have been deleted during the deletion process.

  1. Go to the Cloud Recovery Backup for Microsoft 365 page on the Portal.
    1. If not already authenticated, please sign in.
  2. Click “Recreate” on the organisation card you wish to recommission.
  3. You will be presented with a code. Go to Microsoft’s authentication page (do not close the portal page), enter the code displayed previously, and login to your Microsoft 365 organisation.
    (If your code has expired or does not work, press Generate new code (highlighted in green) to get a new code.)
    1. At the Are you trying to sign in to Microsoft Azure CLI? stage, press Continue.
    2. You can now close this window.
  4. Return to the portal and press I have signed in.
  5. The organisation backup will now be created.