Restoring as a User

Any organisation user can browse and restore their own Microsoft 365 data using the Restore Portal.

Browsing and restoring using the Veeam Explorers is not possible for non-administrative users.


Accessing the Restore Portal

The Restore Portal can be accessed by any user from a browser.

The Restore Portal link can be obtained from the Customer Portal, then shared with any user:

  1. Go to the Cloud Recovery Backup for Microsoft 365 page on the Portal.
    1. If not already authenticated, please sign in.
  2. Click on the organisation card you wish to browse backups.
  3. Click “Access portal”.
  4. Copy the URL to the Restore Portal.
  5. Any user can then log into the Restore Portal using their Microsoft 365 credentials.

Once logged in, a user can browse their backup data. To find out more about the Restore Portal interface, visit Veeam Restore Portal Documentation.


Restoring files using the Restore Portal

You can find information about restoring options in Veeam Restoring with Restore Portal documentation.